Phil Cohen Curriculum Vitae

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Formal Education:   

1950-62 St Paul’s Junior and Senior Schools

1962-65 Exhibitioner in History Queen’s College,Cambridge

1999 Ph.D by  publication University 0f East London

 Youth and Community Work:

 1965/66                    Assistant Warden, Golbourne Hostel for  Young Offenders

1967/68                     Community Worker, Kingsway Hall  Settlement, Philadelphia Association

1968/69                     London Street Commune

Detached Youth Worker Soho Project

1970/75                     Founder/Director Street Aid


Funded Research and Related Projects:  

1975/78                   Leverhulme Community Research  Fellowship: Youth Cultures in Transition

1979/81                  Institute of Education:   Political Socialisation and the Transition from school. Leverhulme Trust

1983/86                 ‘No Kidding’ Project Post 16 Centre ULIE funded by Greater London Council

1987/91                   CME-DEMS Cultural Studies Project : Tackling Popular Racism in the classroom

Gulbenkian, Hilden and other Trusts

1992/5                     UEL/PCFC funded project :      ‘Race’, Class and Imagined Community on the Isle of Dogs

1996-9                      Finding the Way Home – Young people’s  perceptions   of racial community safety and racial danger  ESRC

1996- 9                    Tricks of the Trade  art education project : London Arts Board,LDDC,Arts Council                                                                                    Council and Paul Hamlyn

1999- 2000             Rich Mix – Exhibition  of Urban Multiculture   East London Tower Hamlets Borough Council

Knowing Subjects :Dialogics of Transition to the Knowledge Economy   East London Knowledge   Multi                                             Media Archive Project

2006-7                      Ports of Call Urban Trail Oral History Project  Heritage Lottery Fund

20015/16                  Speaking out of Place  London Legacy Development Corporation

2019/21                     Groundbreakers   Heritage Lottery Fund

Academic Posts                                                                         

1978/9                               Lecturer in Urban Studies   Architectural Association

1981/82                             Tutor/Team Leader Open University Course on Popular Culture

1982/3                               Temporary Lecturer in Dept of Sociology of   Education Institute of Education,

University of London

1983-6                               Research Officer Institute of Education

1986/7                               Acting Co-ordinator Post 16 Centre ULIE

1992- 6                              Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Social Sciences   University of East London

1992 – 2000                     Director Centre for New Ethnicities Research UEL

1994-5                              Co-Director Centre for Adoption Identity Studies

1996                                  Readership in Cultural Studies

1998                                  Professorship  in Cultural Studies

2000-2007                      Director  London East Research Institute

2007 –                               Emeritus Professor in Cultural Studies

2013-                                Founder/research Director  Living Maps


External Academic Appointments 

1987/88                            Academic Advisor in Cultural Studies   Dept of Extra-Mural Studies University of London

1989-91                             External Examiner to Dept of Cultural Studies  University of Birmingham

1996 –                                External Examiner  School of Culture and   Communications University of Sussex

2012 – 16                          Visiting Professor School of Geography Birkbeck College

2015-                                Research Fellow The Young Foundation

2018-19                            Senior  Visiting Research Fellow Institute of Advanced Studies University College London 



1983-9                               Series Editor “Youth Questions”   Macmillan Education

1994-                                 Editorial Board : School Field        International Journal of  Pedagogic Research

1996-                                 Editorial Board : Media, Education and Culture

1998-                                Editorial Board : Community Plural   International Journal of Comparative Cultural Studies

1998-2006                       Editorial Board : Rising East

1998  –                              Editorial Board : Patterns of Prejudice

2015-                                 Editorial Advisory Board  New Formations

2015-                                 Editor  Living Maps Review



1984-7                               Labour Party Youth Policy  Advisor

1990-1                               Management Committee  Cockpit Gallery

1993                              Art of Change

1994-5                               Museum of London :Peopling of London Exhibition

2014 –                               Living Maps


Conferences                I have organised the following major national conferences

related to my work:

1981                                  Schooling for the Dole – Institute of Education

1987                                  Tackling Cultures of Racism – Institute of Education

1996                                  Front Lines, Back Yards – UEL/ULIE

2001                                     Knowledge Economy :New hope or old Hype   UEL

2002                                  Smart Bombs, Dumb Wars  UEL

2015                                   London’s  Turning : The legacy of the 2012 Olympics Livingmaps/UEL

2018                                  Rethinking 1968   Livingmaps/UEL



1)  Academic Books, Research Monographs, Reports,  and contributions to books  (in English)

1978         KNUCKLE SANDWICH: Growing up in the Working Class City.  (with D Robins) Penguin Books

1980         Subcultural Conflict and Working Class Community in  CULTURE, MEDIA, LANGUAGE (ed S Hall et al)


1981         Policing the Working Class City in CAPITALISM AND THE RULE OF LAW (ed J Young)   Hutchinson

1984  a    Losing the Generation Game in  THE FUTURE OF THE LEFT ( ed J Curran) Polity

b     Against  the New Vocationalism in  SCHOOLING FOR THE DOLE (ed Bates et al) Macmillan


1987         Racism and Popular Culture  Working paper 9 Centre for Multi-cultural Education ULIE

1988  a     The Perversions of Inheritance in MULTI-RACIST BRITAIN (ed Cohen and Bains) Macmillan

b    Reducing Prejudice in Classroom and Community Cultural Studies Project Report ULIE

1989  a     Reason, Racism and the  Popular Monster in CRISES OF THE SELF ( Richards) FAB Books

b     Tackling Common Sense Racism Cultural Studies Project Report ULIE

1990  a     REALLY USEFUL KNOWLEDGE:Photography and Cultural Studies in the Transition from School. Trentham

b   Teaching Enterprise Culture: Individualism, Vocationalism and the New Right   in THE SOCIAL EFFECTS OF                               MARKET POLICIES   (ed I Taylor) Harvester

1991          Monstrous Images, Perverse Reasons : Cultural Studies in AntiRacist Education CME Working Paper 11  UEL

1992         ‘Its Racism What Dunnit’- Hidden Narratives  in Theories of Racism in   RACE, CULTURE, AND DIFFERENCE (ed                       Donald &  Rattansi)  Sage

1993a         HOME RULES – On Racism and nationalism in everyday life  Monograph    Revised Edition 1994

b         Yesterdays Words, Tomorrows World- An essay on transracial adoption in   IN THE BEST INTERESTS  OF THE                            CHILD  (eds Aldridge and Gaber)  Free Association Books

1995 a       Backbone of the nation, race Apart -Conflicting   narratives of the East End  DOCKLANDS FORUM


1996 a       Homing Devices – On racism and nationalism in everyday life in  RESITUATING IDENTITY  (eds V Amit-Talai and                      C. Knowles)  Broadview Press Toronto

b       Out of the Melting pot into the Fire Next Time   in IMAGINING CITIES (ed Westwood)  Routledge/BSA

c     All White on the Night  in  RISING IN THE EAST (ed M Rustin and T Butler) Lawrence & Wishart

1997 a     RETHINKING THE YOUTH QUESTION  Education,Labour and Cultural Studies    Macmillan

b       Labouring Under Whiteness  in  DISLOCATING WHITENESS  (ed R Frankenberg) Duke University Press

c        Tricks of the Trade -Art Teaching and Multicultural Education   in TEACHING  POPULAR CULTURE  ( ed   D                                  Buckingham) Taylor and  Francis

d       FORBIDDEN GAMES -Race, Sex and Class in Playground Cultures   CNER Monograph

1998 a       FRONTLINES BACKYARDS   New Formations Special Issue  edited with Bill Schwarz – Lawrence & Wishart

b     The Last Island – Essays on England and the Dreaming of Race  CNER Monograph

c      RETHINKING THE YOUTH QUESTION   American Edition  Duke University Press    with  new  introduction

d      STRANGE ENCOUNTERS – Landscapes of Adolescent Risk and the Urban Uncanny FWH   Monograph series  CNER

1999 a      NEW ETHNICITIES, OLD RACISMS (Edited Collection of CNER work)  Zed Books

b      Through  a Glass Darkly : On  Race  and the Intellectuals  in   above

c       Apprenticeship A La Mode   in    APPRENTICESHIP – TOWARDS A NEW PARADIGM  OF LEARNING  ((Ed  P                              Ainley and H Rainbird)   Kogan Page

d       What Kind of  Place is This ?   Student Identities, informal learning and the process of disqualification  in HIGHER                       EDUCATION, TWILIGHT OR NEW DAWN  (Ed M Gokulsing)  Cassell

e      It’s Racism what still done it  !   in  OXFORD READER : RACISM (Ed M Bulmer and J Solomos OUP)


2000 a      The Road to Beckton Pier  in  EASTERN PROMISE  ( ed T Butler )  Lawrence and Wishart

          b    In the Country of the Blind In    YOUTH AND SOCIAL JUSTICE

c    What Kind of Place is This ? n Gookulsingh and Ainley  THE COMPACT IN HIGHER EDUCATION Kogan Page

  2002  Psychoanalysis and  Racism: the other scene in J Solomos and D Goldberg (eds) BLACKWELL COMPANION TO                          RACE Oxford  University Press

2006a    FINDING  THE WAY HOME –  Young  People’s Narratives of class, gender, ethnicity and place in Hamburg and                              London   ( ed with N Rathzel)  V&R Unipress Gottingen

b   ‘Landscape after Ruins’ in CULTURE AND THE UNCONSCIOUS ( Ed Bainbridge et al)  Palgrave

2007a    LONDON’S TURNING:The Making of Thames Gateway ( ed with M Rustin)  Ashgate

b   Stuff Happens : the narrative turn in planning  in LONDON’S TURNING

2013   a) ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACK? East London and the Post Olympics  Lawrence and Wishart

b) READING ROOM ONLY  Memoir of a radical bibliophile  Five Leaves

2015       From Here to Modernity :rethinking the youth question with C Wright Mills   In THE SUBCULTURAL                                              IMAGINATION (Ed Shane Blackman)  Routledge

2016      Our Kind of Town? Part One  Critical Cartography and the Struggle for a Just City in LIVINGMAPS REVIEW 1

2017a   LONDON 2012 AND THE POST OLYMPIC CITY ( co-edited with Paul Watt ) Palgrave Macmill

b     A Place Beyond Belief  :Hysterical materialism and the making of East 20 in LONDON 2012                               AND                         THE POST OLYMPIC CITY ( ed Cohen and Watt ) Palgrave

c    Our Kind of Town?  Part Two From Citizen Social Science to Counter Mapping LIVING MAPS REVIEW 2

2018 a   ARCHIVE THAT,COMRADE  Left Legacies and the counter culture of remembrance  PM Press

b    London After shock in  REGENERATION SONGS (ed Alberto Duman et al )Repeater Books

c     Pictures from a not quite gone town in LIVING MAPS REVIEW 5

2019   WAYPOINTS  : towards a political ecology of mindfulness Eyeglass Press

2020  THERE MUST BE SOME WAY OUT OF HERE :Mapping the pandemic from Left Field  Compass

2020 b   Going Viral: panic and precaution in the mapping of a pandemic  LIVINGMAPS REVIEW 8

2020 c POLITICAL MINDFULNESS :fresh  perspectives  on a multiple crisis  (edited with contributions from Ruth Lister, Valerie Walkerdine, Angela McRobbie,Dick Pountain,Michael Rustin)


2)  Articles  in  Refereed  Journals , Reviews  and  Shorter Studies 

1979         Notes on Researching  Territoriality in SCHOOLING AND CULTURE 4

1980 a       Sore Thumbs-Knuckle Sandwich Revisited   in YOUTH AND SOCIETY

1982  a     Schooling for the Dole in NEW SOCIALIST 3

b       Janet and John in Thatcherland  in SCHOOLING AND CULTURE  12

1983 a      Leavers and the 3 L’s  in SCHOOLING AND CULTURE 13

b       Labour’s Lost Youth    in  NEW SOCIALIST  14

1986         The No Kidding Project     in SOCIAL SCIENCE TEACHER Vol 16 No 1

1987         Beyond Youthopia in MARXISM TODAY

1988 a      Popular Racism, Unpopular Education  in YOUTH AND POLICY 24

b      Tarzan and the Jungle Bunnies: Race, Sex and Class in Popular Culture in NEW FORMATIONS 5

1990a      Introduction to  THE LONG TRANSITION – Macmillan Youth Questions

b       Introduction to  ACTS OF UNION – Macmillan Youth Questions

1991         Review of Young ,Gifted and Black     in SOCIOLOGY

1994  a     Squaring the Circle – Issues in the comparative   study of racism – University Of Greenwich  Mimeo

b       Review of ‘Blood and Belonging’ by Michael   gnatieff in EUROPEAN FORUM

c       Introduction to   SACRED AND PROFANE by Desiree Ntolo    CNER monograph

d       Playgrounds of Prejudice     in SCHOOL FIELD 4 ( 1)

1995 a     The Other East DEMOS 9

b     Will You Fly or Will You Vanish NEW TIMES 92

c      Review: Changing Class Room Cultures NEW COMMUNITY

d      The Crisis of the Western University in  ‘FOR A MULTICULTURAL UNIVERSITY’

e      From the Other side of the Tracks   in  NOTES FROM THE STREET Camerawork

f      Framework for a Study of Adoptive Identities  CAIS/UEL Working Paper

1996a   Review  of  ‘Changing Ethnic Identities’ – NEW COMMUNITY

b      Changing Geographies of Race – A reply to Tarik Modood   PATTERNS OF PREJUDICE

c       Tricks of the Trade- On Teaching arts and ‘race’ in the   Classroom   in  ISOTOPIA 6

1997a      Mixing It /Front Lines Back Yards   New Times 

b      Beyond the Community Romance in SOUNDINGS 3

c       The Same old Generation Game ? in CRIMINAL JUSTICE MATTERS

1998a      The Road to Beckton Pier – The Polyveristy in the age  of Multicultural Capitalism in RISING EAST 3

b         Who needs an island ?  in NEW FORMATIONS  33

c         Welcome to the Diasporama in NEW ETHNICITIES 3

d        Beyond the Missionary Position – Racial Violence and Working  Class Culture in RACE,  ETHNICITY AND                                       EDUCATION Vol 2  1

e         Rich Mix or Mixed Up   Review  in NEW COMMUNITY

1999 a         Invisible Cities  –  Urban  Regeneration in the  Age of Multicultural Capitalism in COMMUNITY/PLURAL  Vol 7 (1)

b         Rethinking Diasporas in PATTERNS OF PREJUDICE Vol 33 (1) 

2000          ‘In the Country of the Blind   with Pat Ainley  JOURNAL FOR YOUTH RESEARCH

2005           Learning Regeneration    JOURNAL OF EDUCATION,WORK AND SOCIETY 38 1

2012a         A beautifying Lie ? On Kitsch and the 2012 Olympics SOUNDINGS 50

b          Carrying the Torch? On Poetry sport and the Olympics  AGENDA 46 (3)

c         ‘To seek within the Inferno that which is not’ HISTORY WORKSHOP JOURNAL 72 3

2013a         Letter from  Paris   OPEN DEMOCRACY

b         Globalisation  and  the  Olympics    OPEN DEMOCRACY

2015           The Centre will not hold :principles of hope after Gramsci  SOUNDINGS 60

2017            Class identity politics after Labourism SOUNDINGS 68

2018           ‘1968 ‘ and the Politics of Memory  SOUNDINGS 70

2019            Both Sides of the Line: Stuart Hall and New  Ethnicities in NEW FORMATIONS

2020            Mapping Covid-19 and the unconscious dimensions of the pandemic  CORONA TIMES June


3) Major Publications in Foreign Translation

1979         Territorial und Diskursregeln bei der Bildung   von Peer Groups unter Arbeiter Jugendlichen


1985         Theoretische Uberlegungen zum Jugendfrage   in VERBORGEN IN LICHT Syndikat

1986         Historische Perspective fur das Jugendproblem in JUGENDPROTEST UNDE GENERATIONEN KONFLICT IN


1989 a      Eine rahmen  Konzeption subjektiver Reproduktion   in PADAGOGISCHE JUGEND FORSCHUNG  Leske/Buchrich

b      Kulturtheoretischen Uberlegungen,Empirische   Forschung  unde Praktische sozialarbeit in SUBJEKTBEZOGENE                        JUGENDFORSCHUNG  Arguments

1990        Die Formen von Rassismus      in THEORIEN UBER RASSISMUS  Arguments

1992 a    Wir Hassen Menschen ,Oder    Antiracissismus under Antihumanismus in DAS EIGENE UND DAS FREMDE,                               Junius

b    Monstrose Bilder- Perverse Vernuft in RACISSMUS UND MIGRATION IN EUROPA Berlin

c    Wandernde Identitaten    in UNDER ANDEREN RACISSMUS UND JUGUNDARBEIT   Duisburg


1995       Sur L’antiracisme et l’antihumanisme LIGNES 25

1996      Tricks of the Trade- On Teaching arts and ‘race’ in the  Classroom (Dutch Translation) in COMMENIUS 3

1998a   Ciutats Invisibles- Treball cultural I incidencia de l’element local en la regeneracio  urbana    Fundacao Tapies                                  Barcelona

b    Wir Hassen Menschen reprint Hamburg

c    Vitte Arbete, Svarten masken in SAMTIDEKULTURE (ed T Johansson)  Nya Doxa Copenhagen

1999    Adventure Stories and the Culture of Fear  INTERNATIONAL STUDIES IN READING CULTURE  Jerusalem

2016    Translation of ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACK? into Japanese


4) Curriculum Materials, Books for Children and Young People

1985          WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JANET AND JOHN   A Comic for the New Leisure Age  Pluto Press

1986           NOW AND THEN    Two Tales out of School    ULIE/No Kidding

1987/1996 LIVELIHOODS    Video and Role Playing Game plus Teaching Pack Reissued 1996

1993          TRICKS OF THE TRADE Curriculum Sampler (with Art of Change)

1994          ANANSE MEETS SPIDERWOMAN (with L Haddock)  BFI Education

1998         TRICKS OF THE TRADE   Full  Curriculum  Pack  CNER


5) Visual Ethnography, Photography, Video, TV,  and Multimedia

1984          LEAVERS BELIEVERS   Cockpit /Camerawork Exhibition


1992          EMPIRES OF THE MIND  TV Programme for OU course  on Race, Education and Society.

1993          TRICKS OF THE TRADE (Video with Phil Timmins)

1996          SEEING THROUGH RACISM   CNER Exhibition

1997          FRONTLINES,BACKYARDS  Video with Educational Material consultancy UEL

1999  a       METHODS IN DIALOGUE   Video  with  Educational Materials Consultancy UEL

b     TRICKS OF THE TRADE – Multimedia Installation   with Art of Change and Jubilee Arts

2000          From The Other Side of the Tracks   Inaugural  Video lecture

2013         LIGHTS ON FOR THE TERRITORY  Aura Productions/Livingmaps

2015          SPEAKING OUT OF PLACE Young Peoples Views on East 20  Livingmaps/Aura

2017         LONDON SHOCK CITY Multimedia event Museum of London /Livingmaps

2018a       THE CITIZENS ATLAS Aura Productions /Livingmaps

b       RETHINKING 1968  Aura Productions/Livingmaps

2019          Groundbreakers  Trail Guide  Building Exploratory


6) Poetry, Memoirs   and Other Creative Writing

1994 a      Adoption Story  in  PPIAS

b       Night Walk   in CROSSING THE BORDER  Open College of the Arts

1995 a      Language Game  in  QUARTOS

b      Autumn Fallout UEL Magazine

1996 a      TIDINGS ( with drawings by Jean McNeil)

b       Selected Poems  in KITES 14

c       Parting Shots in SOUNDINGS 2

1997 a       Epitaph  for Raphael Samuel in SOUNDINGS  6

b        Selected Poems in KITES 15

2002        Chorograph 1  in  CRITICAL QUARTERLY

2012        Olympic Toast    in  AGENDA 46 2

2013       GRAPHOLOGIES ( with J McNeil)  Mica Press

2015       Living with Painting in Jean McNeil A LIFE IN PAINTING

2017        Are we that name ? : On pseudonyms in METAPHORICA

2019       POSTCARDS TO GRANDAD  Eyeglass Press