The Pandemonic Dialogues

1. We don’t want to be  heroes, even for one day

We are not heroes. We do not want to be fallen  martyrs. All this war imagery  makes us very uncomfortable. It distract people from the reality. We are ordinary people who have chosen to  become  health workers and carers. We are professionals and highly trained. All we want is to be given the tools we need to do our job properly, to look after people in a safe environments.… Read the rest

Mapping the Pandemic

Going Viral: Cartographies of panic and precaution in an age of precarity

This article is due to appear in LivingMaps Review 8 in April 2020 . It examines the way in which  conventional cartography is  used in mapping pandemics and the challenge this poses  to those who want to develop alternative strategies which empower the people and not the State.

Mapping the pandemic : A view from Left Field

This article  looks at a  range of public and personal responses to the pandemic in the UK for what it tells us about the kind of society and  political culture we live in and considers how far  the scope of mindfulness  could be extended to give the Left a handle on the crisis.… Read the rest