New Directions in Radical Cartography

Why the Map is Never the Territory


New Directions in Radical Cartography looks at the contemporary debates about the role of maps in society. It explores the emergence of counter-mapping as a distinctive field of practice, and the impact that digital mapping technologies have had on cartographic practice and theory. It includes original research, accounts of mapping projects and detailed readings of maps. The contributors explore how digital mapping technologies have sponsored a new wave of practices that seek to challenge the power that maps are commonly assumed to have. They document the continued vitality of analogue maps in the hands of artists and activists who are pushing the boundaries of what is mappable in different ways. New Directions in Radical Cartography draws on a rich body of mapping work that exists as part of community action, urban ethnography, environmental activism, humanitarianism, and public engagement.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers / Rowman & Littlefield International

Pages: 392 • Trim: 6 x 9
978-1-5381-4719-1 • Hardback • December 2021 • £92.00
978-1-5381-4721-4 • eBook • December 2021 38.00