Livingmaps Network

LIVINGMAPS is an international  network of artists, activists and academics concerned to develop  the theory and practice of critical cartography . It was founded in 2013 and established as a not- for profit- company in 2015. We collaborate with a wide range of organisations,  from community  and youth groups, to museums, galleries and university research departments.

Our conceptual  approach is trans-disciplinary, bringing together  geographers, photographers and ethnographers , digital and environmental  activists, visual and performance artists  in common projects and discussions. Our practice  explores  innovative   methods  of  counter-mapping drawing on state of the art technologies.    We are committed to developing cartography as a participatory and democratic platform of civic engagement  with  all forms of social inequality and injustice .

Phil’s has worked on many projects in London over the past fifty years and his extensive work and events are shown on his Projects Map.  Have a look! 


Livingmaps Review is an open access journal published twice a year in Spring and Autumn.It carries scholarly articles together with shorter more experimental pieces, reports of work in progress ,artists walks,performances,reviews  and mapworks. Go to :


This includes public lectures, seminars, walks, exhibitions, screenings, charettes  and workshops . Events are usually held monthly in a variety of venues in London . Podcasts of most events  are available on the website.


Our team of experts have many years of experience in the field of community mapping and participatory action research. We  provide bespoke training programmes  for public sector and voluntary  organisations,  modules for  undergraduate and post graduate  courses and, professional development workshops  for teachers, youth workers and community workers, plus architects and urban planners


Speaking Out of Place: a multi-faceted project working with the new community in the post Olympic athletes village in Stratford East London. It includes a Young Persons Map and Guide to the Olympic Park : A video made with local youth exploring their sense of identity and belonging and a community photography project: To view the You tube video, click here:  Speaking out of Place

The Groundbreakers  is a series of  audio  heritage  trails telling the back story of the Olympic Park, its archaeology, its environmental and social history  and its transformation to become  the main  venue of the 2012 Games. Further information on Livingmaps website.

 Citizens Atlas of London : a network  of citizen mappers located in the  ‘opportunity areas’, designated by the London 2050 infrastructure plan.The network will collaborate on the production of an online Atlas, mapping the past, present and future of  these regeneration areas and, outlining  an alternative vision  of the city. The Atlas is supported by a toolkit of educational and campaigning resources and public lecture series.   Further information on Livingmaps website

Putting  Ourselves on the Map: Workshop session with young people 

For further information about our activities, and to contact the  management team see  website: