March Blog: Living with Painting

 Living with painting  

The works which constitute the life and fame of artists decay one after the other by the ravages of time. Thus the artists themselves are unknown, as there was no one to write about them so that this source of knowledge was not granted to posterity     Giorgio Vasari

Writing is present in the margins, painting is spread over ‘vacant’space’ –  Stephane Mallarme

My responsibility  towards these paintings  is to make you see them, only that.… Read the rest

My Latest Project: Living Maps

I have a new project in development: Living Maps Click on the link to learn more.
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Paintings by Jean McNeil

These paintings by Jean McNeil are from her current portfolio of work inspired by the land and seascapes of East Anglia. They will feature in  Graphologies  to be published in May  by Mica Press. To see more of her work  go to her website:

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Reading Room Gallery

Below are images from my book Reading Room Only which is described in more detail here.

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Book Launches

Book Launch 030 Book Launch 039

My first book launch was a great success with over 80 people attending!

01LaunchPicEd 02LaunchPicEd

The book launch in Wivenhoe bookshop on May 10 was also a success.  Below are some pictures of Phil interacting with interested customers.

booklaunch.002 booklaunch.004

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My Newest Book: On the Wrong Side of the Track? East London and the Post Olympics

On The Wrong Side of the TrackMy newest book, “On the Wrong Side of the Track?  East London and the Post Olympics” will be published in April, 2013!.  The book draws on insights from the human sciences to challenge the arguments of Olympophiles for whom the Games can do no wrong as well as Olympophobes for whom they can do no right, using  2012 as a lens through which to examine underlying trends in contemporary culture.… Read the rest