Political Mindfulness: Fresh Perspectives on Multiple Crises’

By Phil Cohen

The text assembled here represents a thoughtful attempt to begin to find a way out of the current impasse in which progressive politics finds itself.

The collection explores the connections between the personal and political dimensions of mindfulness and how this might help us build strategies capable of winning the battle for hearts and minds in a post Brexit, post pandemic Britain.

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There Must Be Some Way Out of Here

THERE MUST BE SOME WAY OUT OF HEREPolitical Mindfulness and Left responses to a multiple crisis
Edited by Phil Cohen
With contributions from Ruth Lister,Angela McRobbie, Dick Pountain, Michael Rustin, and Valerie Walkerdone

Taken together  the pieces assembled here  represent a thoughtful attempt to begin to  find a way out of the current impasse in which the Left finds itself, caught as it is   between the rock of  supporting authoritarian state control  with its top down one- size- fits- all solutions ( as represented by the Covid 19 lock down)   and the hard place of  blind faith in the People to come up with progressive solutions within civil society without the resources that only the state can provide for scaling them up. 

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