The Twenty Twelver’s Rough Guide To Useful Post-Olympic Expressions

A guide to useful post-Olympic Expressions is compiled here:  Useful Post-Olympic Expressions.… Read the rest

Towards a Good Enough Legacy: the Long Term Impact of London 2012

As London 2012 draws to a close the questions of Legacy and how to measure the Games’ impact emerge as present tense issues. In this week’s Friday essay Phil Cohen challenges the starting point of these discussions: the assumption that the population who use and will come to use the space all share the same vision as the narrowly selected development committee.… Read the rest

Beyond Carnival Capitalism: London 2012 and its Legacy of Hope

London 2012 provided a key insight into the shifting relationships between global, national and local as residents with no material stake in the Games came together to participate in their success. How might the power of this already-existing ‘commons’ pave the way for an alternative legacy?

Read the article on the openDemocracy ezine:  Beyond Carnival CapitalismRead the rest

Globalisation And Its Discontents, After 2012

There are a number of grand narratives within which the Olympics  might be evaluated, each of which inscribes the project  in a very different  value nexus. Perhaps the dominant paradigm on the Left  is that of globalisation. The Olympics, and sports in general,  are read as symptomatic of larger economic forces at work in the society, of which  globalisation is   paramount .… Read the rest

Where East Meets West: Gary’s Olympic Game

The transcript that follows is from an interview with Gary Carpenter then aged 18, who describes the people he met and incidents that happened while he was working with his dad as a riggers assistant. I first met the Carpenters during a health and safety induction session at the Carpenters Road site and subsequently conducted interviews with each of them separately and one with them together.… Read the rest

The Cultural Olympiad: Carrying the Torch for Art?

This text explores the cultural politics and poetics of the London Olympics. It begins by looking at the   growth of ‘feel good’ art in the context of the economic recession.   It goes on to discuss the contemporary role of poetry in public culture ,  and the  relationship b between the aesthetics of sport and literature. It concluded with a detailed reading of the poetry commissioned for  the Olympic Park.… Read the rest

London New Jerusalem 2012 : An Alternative Scenario for the Opening Ceremony

This scenario has been compiled from ideas  produced by focus groups made up of a representive cross section of  the East London community.  It is  related to issues discussed in Chapter 7 of ‘The Wrong Side of the Track? ‘

View the full document here:  East End Old London New Jerusalem Olympic Circus 2012Read the rest