Between Prospect And Refuge


This is a series of poems that explore the hinterland of commonplace experience from the vantage point of the ‘other scene’ and across a range of idioms and genres. There are love poems, poems of separation and loss, narrative poems, concrete poems and comic verse, and poems occasioned by the impress of landscapes and seascapes, or particular encounters and events. The poems form the first part of Graphologies (Forthcoming from Mica Press) and accompany a sequence of paintings  by my partner Jean McNeil.

One  of the poems is reproduced below:


Ulysses   in translation

On  the beach at El Penio

where once Phoenicians and Moriscos danced

he works the line of parasols


around his head a halo

of tobacco smoke, in his hair

canaries flutter and glint


On his chest the sign reads

God Is Great. On his back

a map of Africa proclaims:


‘The Future is closer than you think’.