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May Blog : A post election comment

In the wake of the election it is clear that political geography is shifting under our feet. Centrifugal forces in what we used to call ‘British’ society, hitherto held in check, have staked out new and uncommon ground. This moment of de-centering, whether represented by the SNP on the Left, or UKIP on the Right, offers both an opportunity and a risk to everyone who holds on to a more inclusive vision of what social justice means in the city. While the political class sets off on a wild goose chase to capture the now evanescent ‘centre ground’, and Labour replays the endless Blair V Brown debate, the search for an alternative geography of resistance will go on. The temptation on the part of disenchanted radicals is to reach for purely aesthetic or utopian solutions, to retreat into artistic subversion or anarcho-punk defiance. But however therapeutic it may be for [Read More…]