Archive That, Comrade!

Phil is proud to announce his new book, Archive That, Comrade!  Now available!   The book explores key issues of archival theory and practice that arise for any project aspiring to provide an open access platform for political dialogue and democratic debate. It is informed by the author’s experience of writing a memoir about his involvement in the London “underground” scene of the 1960s, the London street commune movement, and the occupation of 144 Piccadilly, an event that hit the world’s headlines for ten days in July 1969. After a brief introduction that sets the contemporary scene of “archive fever,” the book considers the political legacy of 1960s counterculture for what it reveals about the process of commemoration. The argument then opens out to discuss the notion of historical legacy and its role in “the dialectic of generations.” How far can the archive serve as a platform for dialogue and debate [Read More…]

Ben Cohen – My Story No Mean City

    Click on the picture to view the slide tribute to Ben Cohen         Also, please check out the interview with Ben entitled  MyStory – No Mean City: Memories of the Gorbals in the twenties

Graphologies – Phil Cohen with Jean McNeil

Our New book from Mica Press A deliberately hybrid text, the fruit of a partnership over many years between a poet/ethnographer and a painter who have mutually enriched each other’s understanding of the meaning of place, Graphologies takes a line of thought for a walk across poetry and the visual arts, autobiography and fiction, cultural and literary studies, exploring the emotional and narrative hinterlands of the commonplace. The sparkling Introduction outlines the rationale of its poetics, while the paintings, photographs, maps and other illustrations add an important dimension to the book, extending its appeal to a wider audience. Part 1 is then a sequence of poems in which familiar objects, encounters, or relationships have in some way become strange or other. The poems are counterpointed with paintings by Jean McNeil which invoke a sense of transient things arrested in their moment of manifestation or imminent departure : a tide that [Read More…]

Forthcoming, A new Book: MATERIAL DREAMS:maps and territories in the un/making of modernity (New Title)

FORTHCOMING  FROM PALGRAVE MACMILLAN A NEW BOOK BY PHIL COHEN MATERIAL DREAMS : Maps and Territories in the un/making of Modernity The book takes the reader on a journey into the intellectual borderlands of the human sciences. Starting  from Korzybski’s famous dictum that the map is not the territory it develops a critique of both sociological realism and poststructuralism as accounts of  their articulation. Moving from the history of cartography to  autobiography and ethnography, Material Dreams argues for an alternative epistemology, underpinning a method of interdisciplinary research which can get to grips with the deeper, more unconscious ways in which individuals and groups   map and make sense of the world   while staying closely in touch with the material histories of  the specific cultures and communities  to which they belong. In the second part of the book  this approach is applied to  studies of cultures which exist in the interstitial spaces  [Read More…]

My Latest Project: Living Maps

I have a new project in development: Living Maps Click on the link to learn more.

Book Launches

My first book launch was a great success with over 80 people attending! The book launch in Wivenhoe bookshop on May 10 was also a success.  Below are some pictures of Phil interacting with interested customers. Read more about On the Wrong Side of the Track and Reading Room Only

My Newest Book: On the Wrong Side of the Track? East London and the Post Olympics

My newest book, “On the Wrong Side of the Track?  East London and the Post Olympics” will be published in April, 2013!.  The book draws on insights from the human sciences to challenge the arguments of Olympophiles for whom the Games can do no wrong as well as Olympophobes for whom they can do no right, using  2012 as a lens through which to examine underlying trends in contemporary culture. Read about it here. Come to my book launch!