Livingmaps Network

  LIVINGMAPS is an international  network of artists, activists and academics concerned to develop  the theory and practice of critical cartography . It was founded in 2013 and established as a not- for profit- company in 2015. We collaborate with a wide range of organisations,  from community  and youth groups, to museums, galleries and university research departments. Our conceptual  approach is trans-disciplinary, bringing together  geographers, photographers and ethnographers , digital and environmental  activists, visual and performance artists  in common projects and discussions. Our practice  explores  innovative   methods  of  counter-mapping drawing on state of the art technologies.    We are committed to developing cartography as a participatory and democratic platform of civic engagement  with  all forms of social inequality and injustice . ONLINE JOURNAL Livingmaps Review is an open access journal published twice a year in Spring and Autumn.It carries scholarly articles together with shorter more experimental pieces, reports of work in [Read More…]

Our Kind of Town

Citizen Social Science, Participatory Mapping and the Struggle for a Just City This is the text of a public lecture I gave to the Institute for Social Research at Birkbeck in October 2014.Thanks very  much  for the many useful comments  made in the discussion following the lecture, some of which have been taken on board in revising this text. I am especially grateful to Anna Davin for drawing my attention to Hugh Brody’s wonderful book about Inuit cartography :Maps and Dreams. Thanks also to Paul Watt for acting as discussant.  The powerpoint which accompanied the lecture and which is indicated by (SLIDE(S) in the text is available to download from the Living Maps Website: An audio of the lecture, including the powerpoint images is available on the Birkbeck website. For Ruth Glass ( 1912-1990) The map maker’s work is to make visible All them things that shouda never exist [Read More…]



Lights on for the Territory

‘Lights on for the Territory’  explores  some of the issues of representation raised by John Wallett’s map  of East London  which was commissioned for On the Wrong Side of the Track?. The map itself includes a ‘Hall of Fame’ and depicts the cultural and political geography of the area, both in the past and present, with a nod in the direction of Iain Sinclair. The film introduces the concepts of map and  territory, and depicts the technical and aesthetic process of  narrative  cartography. The film is  the  part of a larger project working with students and communities in East London  to produce new mappings of the area’s past, present and future. The aim is to challenge the dominant images and discourses of deprivation that have defined the East End as site of urban regeneration  and social reform. The film has been produced by Aura Films, a video production company who [Read More…]

Living Maps Narrative Map

This project has developed out of a narrative map produced by John Wallet for a book about East London and the Olympics by Phil Cohen published in March 2013.  The book and the  online resources that have been developed around it will provide the information and research base for work with schools and community groups in East London, generating content for an exhibition. This will be supplemented with a film and some additional dedicated resources linked to both the educational and curatorial projects. Read the full article here:  The Map Is Not The Territory Click on the image for a larger view.