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  Some reflections on choosing a leader   Like many of my friends and colleagues I am a fully paid up member of the Groucho  Marxist tendency. I would never join a political party  that would have me as a member. Until now. Because like tens of  thousands of others I  have now paid my three quid to register to vote in the election for a new labour leader, specifically because I did not want a New Labour  leader to be elected. After decades of voting Labour with gritted teeth, because they were the least worst option  (that cynical Churchillian definition of democracy) and without any hope or expectation that their policies would produce any fundamental shift in the balance of power and wealth in our society, I have at last taken the plunge and pressed the submit button to vote for Jeremy Corbyn. I did so with gritted teeth [Read More…]


 Rethinking the Youth Question with C Wright Mills  Look,mum, it comes down to something pretty simple. If I get a job when I leave school, its gonna be part time-most probably serving some rich kid  fried chicken.I’ve started to see myself like dad. And I don’t know if that’s such a bad thing. Dad does things. When he had a job he did his job. When they took that away, he had to do something else. So he picked up a parcel of drugs and drove it to Epping. When you can’t see an answer it paralyses you. I think I’d rather be like him. FIN  in The Precariat  Chris Dunkley  All there is with contingent labour is the fleeting present: the anxiety of the whirlpool we call now, running from place to place  Bruno Gulli Earthly Plenitudes  The Wage don’t fit – Sleaford Mods   There is  a  long [Read More…]

July Newsletter : Waiting for the bus

Introduction This is a re-post as my webmaster has set up a system whereby these newsletters will be posted as blogs so everyone on my friends and colleagues list will automatically get  a notification. Apologies if you have read this before, although I have added a post script including some solutions that people  sent in to the little thought puzzle that gives the title of the piece. I will also be posting more substantial blogs from time to time. If you would like friends or colleagues to get these newsletters and blogs,they can subscribe by going to the Newsletter section of the website. LivingMaps We concluded our 2014/5 seminar series with a critical overview of the issues the series had addressed  thus far, a brilliant little film about a town in Kosovo where the maps no longer worked  followed by  a bit of a party. The series has been very [Read More…]