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SEPTEMBER BLOG In place of Kaddish, a letter for Ste

  This month, on September 12th, is the anniversary our adopted son’s death. We still do not know the exact medical cause as the inquest has been repeatedly postponed; the pathologist’s diagnosis of Central Pontine Myelinolysis concerns a condition which is almost as mysterious as the circumstances of his death in hospital. CPM is definitely associated with chronic alcoholism, but also with AIDS and a number of other serious disorders which have neurological complications. Its symptomatology includes seizures, of which Ste suffered several, although these may also be symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. There is little or no treatment or cure, and prognosis is as uncertain as aetiology: a third of patients die, a third survive but remain in a semi-vegetative state for the rest of their lives and a third spontaneously recover. In any case the hospital have satisfied themselves, though not us, that this death could not have been [Read More…]

AUGUST BLOG : Now you see it, now you don’t – Some reflections on the pop up economy

  I recently had a dream in which I was lost in a city which was familiar- I recognised several landmarks – but also strange in that its buildings had all been painted in garish day-glo colours. Many had giant graffiti sprayed on them depicting grotesque characters and scenes from comic books. As I wandered around the streets, at once enchanted and bewildered, I came across an atlas housed in a specially constructed kiosk. I felt overjoyed at the prospect of at last being able to find out where I was. When I opened the book it was a black and white street plan on which were located a number of ‘pop up’ buildings, one of which I recognised as being the block of flats where I had grown up. On closer inspection the street plan turned out to be an underground map of the city, showing a network of [Read More…]