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May Blog: Glass Ceilings

Glass Ceilings and other scenes from the life of a pioneering urbanist (Note:this text was written for an event organised by the Urban Lab at UCL  celebrating the life and work of Ruth Glass) Introduction I should begin by saying  that I never was a student or colleague of Ruth Glass, although I did come to meet her under circumstances  I will describe later. So all I can offer is an outsider’s view. I came across Ruth’s Glass’s work many years  before I met her in person. I was teaching urban studies at the Architectural Association in the mid 1960’s. It was the time of Archigram and plug in, throwaway, or as we would now say, pop up buildings.  Utopias were all the rage. I had one student who was designing an updated version of Atlantis on the assumption that we would all soon be returning to an amphibian ancestral [Read More…]