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My Latest Project: Living Maps

I have a new project in development: Living Maps Click on the link to learn more.

Living Maps Narrative Map

This project has developed out of a narrative map produced by John Wallet for a book about East London and the Olympics by Phil Cohen published in March 2013.  The book and the  online resources that have been developed around it will provide the information and research base for work with schools and community groups in East London, generating content for an exhibition. This will be supplemented with a film and some additional dedicated resources linked to both the educational and curatorial projects. Read the full article here:  The Map Is Not The Territory Click on the image for a larger view. Here is the link to the video ‘Putting ourselves on the map‘  

Paintings by Jean McNeil

These paintings by Jean McNeil are from her current portfolio of work inspired by the land and seascapes of East Anglia. They will feature in  Graphologies  to be published in May  by Mica Press. To see more of her work  go to her website: ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

London Olympic Cultural And Urban Studies (LOCUS)

The following course outline is designed to provide some resources for  use with undergraduate students  who have a  basic  knowledge of   concepts in sociology and cultural studies. The main topics  for discussion in each session are indicated , linked to some key  readings. The student is  referred to  one or more sections of the online ‘reading map’ for further resources. Suggestions for film or image study, including the  relevant sections of the online galleries are also given. View the course outline here:  London Olympic Cultural And Urban Studies (LOCUS)

Like as Not

This is a fictional memoir  featuring the mysterious K, who might just be a refugee from The Castle or a close relative of Brecht’s Mr Keuner.  The eponymous hero, Arnold Kvaktum,  recalls a journey of self-discovery as he explores the surreal landscape of his childhood and youth growing up in a  dystopian society of the future where ‘soapspeak’ and ‘knowgov’ are the only permitted discourses. The pervasive sense of personal dislocation, of a lack of concordance between the officially authorised map and the  unfolding  territory of a life here results in a series of phantasmagoric events culminating in a suicidal sea voyage. The photographs which accompany the text  anchor  the narrative to its ‘other scene’. The whole text forms the final part of Graphologies, which is to be published in May by Mica Press. Further information from Below is a short extract: Baptismal Naming They  have asked me to  write the [Read More…]

Scenes From A Missing Childhood

 Introduction:   ‘Scenes from a Missing Childhood’ is based on the author’s experience of growing up in London during the blitz; it consists of a sequence of short prose poems depicting screen memories associated with the V2 bombs,  his being sent away from home as an 18 month old baby to his grandmother in South Wales and the subsequent return. These pieces seek to create a narrative from fragments of experience which remained embedded like shrapnel in a badly damaged landscape and to convey a some of the feelings that had to evacuated in order to hold on to a sense of identity, however tenuously sustained.The sequence is included in Graphologies which is to be published  in May by Mica Press ( see New Books for further information). Here, as a taster  is one section: Siren calls The baby wakes up out of a bad dream. He is  being  attacked again. The [Read More…]

Between Prospect And Refuge

BETWEEN PROSPECT AND REFUGE This is a series of poems that explore the hinterland of commonplace experience from the vantage point of the ‘other scene’ and across a range of idioms and genres. There are love poems, poems of separation and loss, narrative poems, concrete poems and comic verse, and poems occasioned by the impress of landscapes and seascapes, or particular encounters and events. The poems form the first part of Graphologies (Forthcoming from Mica Press) and accompany a sequence of paintings  by my partner Jean McNeil. One  of the poems is reproduced below:   Ulysses   in translation On  the beach at El Penio where once Phoenicians and Moriscos danced he works the line of parasols   around his head a halo of tobacco smoke, in his hair canaries flutter and glint   On his chest the sign reads God Is Great. On his back a map of Africa proclaims:   [Read More…]

March Blog

Strange Intimacies : socialising the  media  or mediatising sociality? For the  last six months I have been in almost daily contact with my editors  at Lawrence Wishart and Five Leaves about matters  arising from  books of mine they are publishing. The relationship  that has developed  between us has  been an intense, occasionally  stressful, but ultimately very rewarding  affair; it reminded me a bit of Helene  Hanff’s  transatlantic correspondence with Frank Doel, her bookseller at 84 Charing Cross Road. Helene and Frank  never get to meet, but over the years their mutual passion for  books sustains their relationship.  In my case,of course, the correspondence was about the mechanics of book   production not  their acquisition  and it was conducted not by monthly letters but through the instant address of email. I have not yet met with  my editors in the flesh, although  I am looking forward to doing so at the launch  [Read More…]

Body Politics

This gallery of 120 images in Body Politics contains the following sections: Elemental Labour-Mummers, miners and sweeps Time and Motion Studies-Automata Youth culture and extreme sport Physical culture and the dream of the collective body Masculinity and  manual labour in a post industrial world. It is designed to support ‘On the wrong Side of the Track?’ and ‘Borderscapes’. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]  Download the PowerPoint here:  Body Politics.  Please note that depending on your connection speed the download may take some time due to the size of the file.  To view the media, the gallery above contains the same slides.

The Key Players In London 2012

A list of some of the key players in the London Summer Olympics can be found here:  Key Players