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Making bread out of circuses : Some Lenten reflections on  Carnival capitalism and Socialist sacrifice in the Age of Austerity I recently got an invitation to a party organised by Common Knowledge, a co-operative of left wing artists and designers who are involved in various kinds of community activity in East London. It was  billed as a Mardi Gras Masquerade and in case guests  weren’t up to coming in costume,  masks were available at the door.  Any excuse for a party, of course, especially in the depths of Winter, but the event was unusual because in Britain carnival normally  takes place in the Summer. The Notting Hill carnival – the largest afro-Caribbean festival outside Rio,   and the London Mela, the big annual celebration of the South Asian community  –   both take place in August; meanwhile in towns and villages up and down the country, a domesticated version of Carnival, with [Read More…]