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Empires of the Mind

This film was originally made to accompany the Open University Course on ‘Race, Culture and Society’ and explores the popular imagery of  race, nation and empire that was in circulation in the Victorian school.

Not Lost in Translation: Phil Cohen and Nora Rathzel in Dialogue on the Youth Question

This video is a short extract from a lecture ‘ Young heads,Old Shoulders’ given  to a conference of youth workers and educationalists in Hamburg. It is included to illustrate some of the issues raised by translating issues from one national context and field of discourse  to another. This Anglo-German dialogue on the Youth question was pursued further in the context of a collaborative research project  looking at young people’s sense of place, and identity in London and Hamburg. The results  were published in ‘Finding the Way’ by V & R Unipress  in 2007.  The methods  used in this research are discussed in the video  Methods in Dialogue/ Finding the Way Home.

November blog

To blog or not to blog that was the question. Is it always nobler in the mind to keep one’s thoughts to oneself rather than complain about the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune? Blogging often seems to have become just another excuse for grumbling, although as a medium for sharing grievances is obviously has its uses. Blogs are the parish pumps of cyberspace, where gossip in one form or other rules OK.  Many blogs I have looked at are virtual soapboxes or pulpits, platforms for preaching a message, if not to the already converted, then at least to the cybermasses. Others are more intimate and take the form of confessional diaries which log the vicissitudes of personal relationships or the ups and downs of everyday life . Blogs by people who are famous or in the public eye are usually an exercise in self promotion, a way of keeping [Read More…]